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Matthew Gallagher, PhD

Aboveboard Evaluation and Research, LLC.

I am passionate about collaborating with organizations to create simple, yet effective, evaluation approaches to help staff learn about their programs, apply data-driven solutions, and make decisions that improve program outcomes. I provide evaluation services that span the spectrum of the project lifecycle: evaluation planning and design, implementation of evaluation activities, program monitoring, data analysis, and report writing.

With 20 years of experience as a program evaluator, research specialist, and social scientist, I design and implement evaluation approaches that are academically rigorous, yet focused on practical use. I have a doctorate degree in Community Resources and Development and a Master's in Poverty Reduction and Development Management. I have worked with a variety of community-focused organizations including Peace Corps, Administration for Native Americans, and United Nations Refugee Agency, several higher education institutions, and numerous community-based non-profits.

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Program Evaluation Experience

  • Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist for the Education for Humanity initiative at Arizona State University

  • Lead Evaluator for numerous grant-funded projects: NEWT ERC at Rice University, LEGO Foundation, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Catalyst Foundation, Schmidt Ventures, Digital Schools Project at Education Above All, Pakistan Legal Education at US State Department

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia Region at Peace Corps

  • Lead Evaluator for impact studies of El Salvador and Paraguay programs at Peace Corps

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the Administration for Native Americans

  • Evaluation Trainer: UNHCR, Peace Corps, CARE, International Rescue Committee, Plan International

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Applied Research Experience

  • Windle Trust International, Researcher. Lead researcher on the viability of offline higher education technology offerings in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda.

  • Al Ghurair Foundation for Education, Data Scientist. Conducted a three-month Needs Assessment with nine universities in United Arab Emirates to determine their readiness to launch online learning courses and programs. Using a mixed-methods sequential explanatory research design, led all aspects of the quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting components.

  • PLuS Alliance, Research Fellow. Collaborated with researchers from Arizona State University, Kings College London, and University of New South Wales to research and identify opportunities to partner with top African universities, which culminated in a roundtable and agreement with Vice Chancellors from University of Ghana, University of Ibadan, Makerere University, and University of Nairobi.

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Select Publications

  • Gallagher, M., and Bauer, C. (2020). Refugee Higher Education and Future Reconstruction Efforts: Exploring the Connection through the Innovative Technological Implementation of a University Course in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda. Current Issues in Comparative Education, 22(1), 39-57. Available here.

  • Bauer, C., and Gallagher, M. (2020). Education for Humanity: Higher education for refugees in resource-constrained environments through innovative technology. Journal of Refugee Studies, 33(2), 416-436. Available here.

  • Gallagher, M. (2020). Peace Corps, the 50plus Initiative, and Volunteer Early Termination. International Journal of Volunteer Administration, 24. Available here.

  • Gallagher, M., Van Roekel, K. (December 2012). Host Country Impact Study: El Salvador – Youth Development Project. Peace Corps, Washington, DC. Available here.

  • Gallagher, M. (October 2011). Host Country Impact Study: Paraguay – Rural Health and Sanitation Project. Peace Corps, Washington, DC. Available here.

  • Led a workshop entitled “Using Stories in Evaluation” at the Society for International Development. Video is available here.

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